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External IRAF packages

Several external packages are maintained in repositories within the iraf-community organization on github:

The documentation of many external packages is available on Read the Docs.

Please note that the repositories only contain the source code and often did not receive an update yet. If there are more packages that should be maintained in the repositories please contact us to get them included.

IRAF packages from STScI

The STScI has developed a number of popular external packages for IRAF:

Due to license restrictions (mainly the use of Numerical Recipes code) the available source of these packages is not complete. They are also not ported to 64 bit. As STScI is transitioning away from IRAF, this is unlikely to change in the future. For reference, the free portion is stored in a Git repository.

Parts of the TABLES package are however included as NTTOOLS package in the IRAF core.

There is also a subset of STSDAS tools for use with the GEMINI data reduction available at NOIRLab as the st4gem package.