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Release notes

The current IRAF snapshot is available from github at

The latest official IRAF release is 2.16.1 from October 2013. Our releases are snapshots based on that latest available source code. The snapshots are tagged with their release date in the version number. Changes to the original 2.16.1 sources include:

Detailed list of changes

This list shows all pull requests that were merged since 2.16.1.

Since 2.16.1+2018.06.15

Since 2.16.1+2018.03.10

Since 2.16.1+2018.02.04

(Pull Requests from iraf/iraf-v216)

Since 2.16.1+2017.12.28

(Pull Requests from iraf/iraf-v216)

Since 2.16.1

(Pull Requests from iraf/iraf-v216)